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Who We Are Most of our core working group remains the same for 2024. Watch for new members soon!


This Celebration of Tales grew directly from a storytelling workshop at the Center led by Charmaine Crowell-White that John Alexander took, along with a dozen aspiring storytellers. For John, this experience revived warm memories of a thriving storytelling scene in Charlottesville that found powerful expression in a successful weekend-long Fall Festival of Tales held through the 1980s. Charlottesville needs to revive a storytelling festival that will boost our ongoing community-building. We need you to help us make it so!


Soon after Charmaine led that workshop, we organized a working group, determined to launch this Celebration of Tales on June 10, 2023.

Festival Working Group



Festival Working Group

Lois Wagner

Kathy Spaar

Rob Craighurst

Charmaine Crowell-White

John Alexander


Web/Social Media Group

Diane Ober

Quynh Nguyen

Chris Jewell

Alex Davis

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