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Tickets   2024 Event Details coming soon!   




For children 12 or under (Designed for children between ages 5—12.  If your child needs help staying focused, please plan to be present to assist.)


Greenberry's box lunch (must be pre-ordered when you buy tickets)

You may bring snacks and lunch.

Tickets may be purchased ahead of time through The Center at Belvedere and pick up at “Will Call” on the day of the festival. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Ticket holders will receive a cloth swatch to pin to their clothes for easy coming and going to the festival.

workshop descriptons

Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1: With Kim Weitkamp 

The Tongue and Pen workshop is for storytellers and writers at all levels of expertise!  Whether you are a writer, spoken word artist, teacher, or speaker, Kim will inspire you and give insight into the power and effect of storytelling as a viable craft. Whether you share your stories through tongue or pen or on page or stage, this workshop will give insight, tools, and practical exercises to infuse your craft and help you stay focused as you work through the layers of your story. The workshop will be a perfect blend of conversation, teaching, exercise and conversation. Something you’d like covered in the workshop? Feel free to email Kim directly at


  • Lean into the Newtons Cradle of Story©

  • Understanding the Anti-Story©

  • Enter the Story Box©

  • Find the Muse Within

  • Writing with Intention

  • Esthetic Living for Writers

  • Tell It: 10 Rules for Successful Stage Telling

  • Large Groups vs Small Groups: Adjust Your Presence

Workshop 2: With Shelia Arnold

Fairytales can engage us in the imaginary and hopeful. Folktales give us glimpses into cultural thoughts and norms. This session will combine hopes and cultural thoughts to address social justice issues, like suicide, PTSD, poverty, immigration, race reconciliation, etc. Hear a story combining fairytales with a current issue, then join a group discussion to brainstorm how to use the oldest of stories as vehicles for awareness and change.

Workshop 3:  With Chris Bohl

Through the examination of a few traditional songs, we will learn how the wonderful nuggets of history can be understood and even "relived" with the help of music. We will follow the process of finding the music of our culture, extracting the story from the lyrics and historical context, and then using the newly extracted story to enhance the emotional impact of the song itself. All are welcome!

Event Location & Map

The Center at Belvedere

540 Belvedere Boulevard

Charlottesville, VA 22901

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